Learn from leaders who are utilizing technology
to fuel innovations in brain healthcare.

The Brain Tech Project Podcast is a series that spotlights leaders in their field who are passionate about innovation in brain healthcare. They share actionable insights that drive real-world solutions. 

Tune in to hear what they are saying about improving the state-of-the-art and what the future holds. 

New episodes will be released weekly.

Episode #1

The Future of Evidence-based Tele-neuropsychology (TeleNP)

In episode 1, Dr. Cristi speaks with Dr. Munro Cullum, Ph.D., ABPP-CN. They discuss technology and telemedicine for the future of brain health. How will science plus COVID-19 influence our field and the future of telehealth?
Watch or listen to discover what’s next!



Episode #2

Tips for neuropsychologists to succeed in the courtroom, sports arena, & Legislative Branch.

In episode 2, Dr. David Lechuga, Ph.D., shares his tips for 1) legal cases, including testimony; 2) concussion management and return-to-play decisions in professional athletes; 3) legislative advocacy for policy change. Drs. Cristi & Lechuga address how technology may impact these settings. Dr. Lechuga is a 5th degree black belt in Karate and he has applied these teachings to his professional career with a warrior mindset to achieve success in private practice and in life. Tune in to learn these impactful tips!




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