FREE Technology Demonstration by g.tec: BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE & NEUROTECHNOLOGY – presented by Christoph Guger, Founder


Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm EST

FREE technology demonstration presented by g.tec

Brain-computer interface technology for stroke rehabilitation and brain assessment in patients with disorders of consciousness: Christoph Guger, Founder g.tec medical engineering

Speaker Bio:

Christoph Guger studied electrical and biomedical engineering at the University of Technology Graz in Austria and Johns Hopkins University in the USA and received his PhD in 1999. In 1999 he started the company g.tec which now has branches in Austria, Spain, the USA and Hong Kong. g.tec produces high-quality neurotechnology and real-time brain computer interfaces for the research, medical and consumer market. The company is active in many international research projects about brain-computer interfacing, neuromodulation, stroke rehabilitation, assessment and communication with patients with disorders of consciousness and high-gamma mapping in epilepsy and tumor patients.

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